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Praise and Worship

A House of Praise: We are willing to take the time to worship God. We are committed to passionately pursuing times of intimacy with God in every service.  Our service is a time of celebration as we reflect our thankfulness and express our praise.


A House of Prayer: We recognize that prayer is key for the continual flow of the life of God in our church. We shall continue to pray as a church for our community, country, and the world. We encourage our congregation to commit to corporate and personal prayer.

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Holy Spirit

A House of Power: We believe that God desires to continue to bring restoration, healing and miracles.  We are open to the moving of the Holy Spirit and will continue to pursue revival as the Lord directs our schedule.


A House of Preparation: We strive to call believers to grow towards maturity in the Lord.  We will continue to improve our Sunday School.  We will disciple new believers to help them minister to others.  We will help find people find and utilize their gifts of the Spirit to be a blessing to the church.

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A House of Peace: We will touch our world with the message of Christ locally and through equipping our congregation to reach out to all nations.


A House of Plenty: We will provide ministry to the poor and the needy in our community. Providing the needy with food, clothing, shelter and support will be a part of our ministry.

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